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    쇼핑 날!
    (shopping day)

        IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING why I look as tiny as a first grader in these photos, my brother who is very tall snapped them on our way back from the shopping mall. Well that and I obviously did not inherit the tall genes in my family as I barely tower over 164.
        I think. I have to check. 
        Either way...
      Yesterday, after having spent the night being chased around by insomnia, I woke up at 6 am quite sure that I wasn't going to fall asleep. So, as any other weird person would do, I took out my fabrics and started working on this top you see here. The skirt, on the other hand, I made last summer in what was a successful endeavor to prove to my best friend that no, sewing even the simplest skirt is not just sewing together two hems in less than 10 minutes. Once she saw how much work went into aligning the print, making a pattern, hand sewing it for fitting, then refitting the parts that didn't fit right, taking out the hand-sewn threads in order to work on the zipper, then hand sewing together again for the last fitting, then sewing it on the sewing machine, and lastly hand-working the hemline so it looks better than when sewn with a machine, she no longer thinks of any clothing as simple. Yes, sewing takes a lot of nerves, but it's really rewarding. Be it my lifelong dream to become a fashion designer, or just the creative spirit, I rather spend the night sewing than going to parties. (Or perhaps that's the boring person in me speaking ^^) 
             Those of you following me on Instagram, already know when I bought these sneakers. With the weather being extremely uncooperative, I never actually had the chance to take them for a spin...or rather a walk. Good thing I wore them today. You try matching the stride of a tall person with long legs. Not to mention, the mall had a 50% sale! In those situations you better run run run before someone else steals what can be yours!
               Can you guess what I bought? I'll give you a hint. It was on my COVETING LIST.

    I hope you are having a nice weekend.
    lots of love,

    O U T F I T  D E T A I L S:

    Top and skirt: Burdastyle // Earrings: old //  Sneakers : Intersport  // Bag: Koton //   Sunglasses: Tera Nova //  


    1. The skirt is really eye-catching, but I have to say I love the top! Love the buttons detail <3

      New Post: Comfort Zone
      xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

    2. cool look, loving the sneakers
      Natasha Ndlovu

    3. İn love with this outfit especially the skirt!


      1. So glad you like the skirt! Thank you! ^^

    4. Sewing definitely is not an easy thing - it demands commitment and dedication (I know this since my mum knows how to sew a few things on her own). You are doing it PERFECTLY!!! All your clothes are sewed and combined perfectly!!!

      P.S. I love your sneakers ^.^

      1. Thank you! It's definitely not easy, but since I love doing it, it's not a chore either! ^^

    5. You look so cute on these photos :)