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    소원을 많아지만, 쿨하게 다 할 수 있는 여자 되는 것 제일 원해요. *
    (I have a lot of wishes, but what I want the most is to be a woman that can do everything coolly)

         AS IT TURNS OUT, 22 was not that big of a milestone after all. Being born on June 22nd and having 22 be my favorite number, little me from the past believed that this age comes with changes of monumental proportions. Yet here I am, mentally wealthier than last year, but conclusively no more different than before. What I am though, is far past the age when I believed that a certain age made a difference.
        Birthday wishes you ask? Oh, I have plenty, but let me not bore you with those. I guess I wasn't named Dilek for nothing (Just for reference, "Dilek" means "wish" in Turkish).
        On a more outfit-related note, I decided to go for a flowy blue and cream combo on my birthday, which would provide the illusion of being on a luxurious resort rather than downtown. Yet, I had fun downtown eating caramel macarons and drinking ice tea with my friend, in what was surprisingly an adequately warm weather. My parents used to own a retail store back in the 90's, so when they closed it, these pants along with a lot of clothes were left unsold. I tend to wear a lot of things from there, for example THIS denim shirt from Mavi and a lot of crop tops you will see in the future. As you can see, I paired these pants with a navy blouse with a ruffled collar I made two summers ago. I always say, versatility is key and reinvention is a must. I felt like wearing extra high heels, so I opted for none other than my favorite pair from prom, and I added my Oriflame Ocean tote bag for that extra summery feel.
          What do you think?
    Thank you for reading and have a great start to your week!
         lots of love,

    *This is one of the longest sentences I have put together in Korean by myself, and while I hope that I didn't make grammatical mistakes, they are possible. Practice makes it perfect right?

    O U T F I T  D E T A I L S:

    Top: Burdastyle // Pants, Sunglasses, Earrings: old //  Heels: Kiss Kriss // Tote Bag: Oriflame Blue Ocean Bag //  


    1. Replies
      1. Thank you. I have been watching K-dramas and variety shows, and listening for K-pop for a long time, so the most Korean I acquired has come from constant exposure to the Korean language. But there is also a site that has helped me consolidate what I know. It's called talktomeinkorean.com . They have very helpful lessons, podcast and videos. Check them out. ^^

    2. STUNNING (as always) !!!!! I know who grabbed all the attention downtown on 22nd of July :D

    3. Wow, you look gorgeous.