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    (It's Friday!)

           CASUAL FRIDAYS ARE SIMPLY THE best, but these photos were shot on an equally awesome Thursday. As much as I love the illusion of being taller high heels provide, a pair of comfortable loafers or cool sneakers is all I need on a casual walk in the park. For those following me for a while, this dress is already familiar as I blogged about it in IN THIS POST. I am so happy to have finally had the chance to shoot some outfit photos with it in order to show you how it came out. Of course, I  gave the original dress pattern some minor touches like cinching it at the waist, adding a belt, opening a triangular keyhole in the back, and sewing in some small pearls at the nape of my neck in order to make it more me. It is truly the perfect summer dress!
           With school out of the picture, I can finally concentrate more on sewing, although, admittedly, some lazy disease has grabbed a firm hold of me, and I seem to enjoy just lying in bed either watching K-dramas or doing nothing. Unknowingly, I have been buying and piling so many fabrics on the top shelves in one of my wardrobes that I cannot open its doors without having something drop on my head. So, as any ingenious person who always wants to buy more, I have been busying myself with turning those fabrics into wearable garments. Although shopping is something I cannot fathom my life without, making my own clothes has always provided a more rewarding feeling.  
            So, do you like how the dress came out?

    Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend!
    lots of love,


    1. I love how you always manage to look so polished and clean yet so cool. All your outfits are perfectly made and you have an eye for details (that I can say for sure xD ). Keep up the good work - you inspire people!!! <3

    2. This dress is very beautiful. You deffinitly inspire me with your outfits!